Independent musician, composer and producer of original electronica material.

Taught classical piano and theory and playing for many years either on bass or keyboards. Now focusing on the production of original music with my own studio and label - ’The O Studio’.  

An alternative blend of progressive rock, pop, electronic and classical - intelligent, imaginative, thought-provoking.

Being totally independent, the music is from me, heart and mind, creating a place where music meets science and art, where the listener is immersed in sound and story.

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Albums:    Probabilty Wave (2015) -  Of Stars (2016)  -  Empire (2017)

Singles:    Arturian Sun (2017)

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Arturian Sun: Written, arranged and recorded by Ray Nelson.

Searching for some inspiration after purchasing a new analogue synthesizer, I purposefully produced a fairly simple track, devoid of complexity in order to focus on the simple, sometimes dark and hop[efully, emotional content and feeling produced by the music. SIt back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy.  If it reminds you of anything, anything at all and if you’re of a mind,  please let me know.  :-)


Empire: All tracks written, arranged and recorded by Ray Nelson.

Concept album loosely based on the book ‘Flash Boys’ by Michael Lewis (The Big Short, Moneyball), which provides an insight into the inner workings of Wall Street, the banks, exchanges and data centres, as well as the lengths these kinds of corporations go to, to secure additional profit at the expense of others.   No one wins it seems except the banks...the markets are rigged.  In the midst of what seems like total, unseen, unknown corruption, one capitalist in the midst of it all, finally figures out why the market on his screens, are not what they seem…and sets upon a quest to put things right and restore some trust back into the system.

Progressive Electronica - intelligent, imaginative, thought-provoking.

Photography and artwork: Ray Nelson


Of Stars: All tracks written, arranged and recorded by Ray Nelson.

(Do Not Go Gentle: Words by Dylan Thomas)

Navigating through such concepts as contemplation, our place in the universe, betrayal, tribulation, life, love, death, risk and eventual success with our failures littering the path behind us.  Alternative, thematic and cinematic in it's scope, Of Stars attempts to span all aspects of humanity, including the need for us to take risks, to risk failure in an attempt to improve ourselves as a species...we must learn from our mistakes in order to survive.  

Source of main image 'NGC 602 and Beyond’:  NASAESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) - ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Sculpture: ‘Pair of Walking Figures-Jubilee’ by Lynn Chadwick.   

Photography and artwork: Ray Nelson


Probability Wave: All tracks written, arranged and recorded by Ray Nelson.

(Prelude: J.S. Bach)

Probability Wave is an instrumental concept album that portrays human existence, from experiencing the pressures of life, the highs and lows, into calm reflective periods and further still into triumphant returns.  The album concludes with humanity coming to terms with it’s lonely isolation in a cold and uncaring universe and starts to value its humanity, intelligence, scientific discoveries and progress, its movement out of dark ages as unique and as such, of enormous value and worthy of protection at any cost.  After decades of searching for interstellar intelligence, an answer eventually comes our way……will there be anyone there to hear it?

Progressive Electronica - intelligent, imaginative, thought-provoking.

Artwork: Ray Nelson


Influential musical styles:  Rock, Progressive, Punk, R&B (trad.), Classical, Jazz, Ambient, Soundtracks etc.  

Influential artists: To name but a few and in no particular order...David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Genesis, Gary Numan, It Bites, Rush, Vangelis,  Japan, Tom Waits, Bach, Mozart, The Jam, Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor...

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